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"A sensitive reader and insightful editor."


-Michael Montlack

"He's helped me be a better poet."


-Ian Haight

"Bondhus was uniquely qualified to help me sequence my manuscript."


-Steven Cordova

"[Michael] worked miracles on my manuscript."

-Cheryl Whitehead

your manuscript

I offer a rigorous, honest assessment of your poetry manuscript, an assessment tailored to meet your needs. My response will consider your book both as a collection of individual poems and as a thematic whole. For more information, please contact me.

Why I'm Qualified

4 years experience as poetry editor

for The Good Men Project

Over 10 years experience teaching creative writing at the college level

Award-winning author of three poetry collections and a chapbook

Alumnus of the Colrain Poetry Manuscript Conference

MFA in Creative Writing

What It Costs

Depending on Financial Circumstances
and Services Requested

Short Chapbook (30 pages or fewer): $200-$350

Long Chapbook  (31-47 pages): $250-$400

Short Poetry Book (48-72 pages): $400-$600

Long Poetry Book (>72 pages): $500 - $750

In-person or phone consultation

Physical or electronic notes

Poem Level

Line edits

Margin comments

Specific revision suggestions

Manuscript Level

Poem order

Clarity and coherence of theme

Structural organization

Inclusion/Exclusion of specific poems

Feedback on title

What I Provide

Photo Credit: Kevin Hinkle

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