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Selected Online

"I want to get arrested with you" Passengers Journal. 2022.

"Neoliberalism" What Rough Beast. 2020.

"c-PTSD" Dodging the Rain. 2020.

"Aborted Sestina" Impossible Archetype. 2019.

"The Raccoons of Brooklyn" SurVision. 2019.

"Punk" Duende. 2018.

"The Red Barberry" The Missouri Review. 2016.

"A Car, A Man, A Maraca" Split This Rock Poem-of-the-Week. 2015.

Selected Print

"European sex clubs have the best STDs in the world." Court Green. 2022.

"Activist Love Poem," "Fuck Your $2.75," and "The eco stud has his cock in my ass." Bombay Gin. 2022.

"The Craftsman." Ghostlight. 2022.

"Desire, PA." Connecticut River Review. 2022.

“Minx, Dad, Dildo.” Yes Poetry: The Queer Body. 2020.

Excerpts from Occult High School Revolution. Hotel Amerika. 18:1. 2019.

“Family Value.” Poetry Ireland Review. Issue 128. 2019.

Excerpts from Occult High School Revolution. Cape Cod Poetry Review. Issue 6. Fall 2019.

“Our Lady of the Serpents,” “The Science of Séance,” and “New York School.” Lovejets: Queer Poets on 200 Years of Walt Whitman. Ed. Raymond Luczak. Handtype Press, 2018.

“two options for the afterlife.” RFD. 174. Summer 2018.

“2003.” Hayden’s Ferry Review. 60. Summer 2017.

“Study for a Flat Earth.” Cream City Review. 41.1. Spring 2017.

“Processing.” If You Can Hear This: Poems in Protest of an American Inauguration. January 2017.

“Sucker for Eschatology.” Vetch: A Magazine of Trans Poetry and Poetics. 3. November 2016.

“Witchcraft and Demonology” [reprint]. Assaracus: A Journal of Gay Poetry. 24. November 2016.

“I am starting to remember Atlantis and so are you,” “The Hagiography of Sister Dottyback Devilray,” “If

you can’t be a boy, be a houseboat,” and “Sexual Fantasies.” Chelsea Station Magazine Special

Issue: Queer Trans Men and Trans Masculine People. August 2016.

“A First-Grade Production of Oedipus Rex.” Burnside Review. 12.1. Summer 2016.

“Baba Yaga and the Book,” “Baba and I Klatsch Over Reasons Why We Hate Magic,” and “Guilt Keeps Us

Busy; Violence Makes Us Creative.” Nimrod. Special Issue: Mirrors & Prisms: Writers of Marginalized Orientations & Gender Identities. 59.2. Spring/Summer 2016. 

“Turbine Room” and “streetwise.” Copper Nickel. 22. Spring 2016.

“Non Sequitur,” “Weapon Cleaning,” “Haibun: A Soldier to Himself” [reprints]. Poets and War. November 2015.

“Titus Andronicus Wakes Up in a Nursing Home.” Bellevue Literary Review. Special Issue: Embattled: The Ramifications of War. Fall 2015.

“This is Baba Yaga,” “Baba Yaga’s Legs,” and “Portrait of My Mother as Baba Yaga.” MiPOesias. Summer 2015.

 "A Man and an Older Woman.” Ocean State Review. Spring 2015.

 “Baba Yaga and the Horses,” “Baba Yaga Does Porn,” and “Becoming Baba Yaga.” OCHO: A Journal of Queer Arts. 34. Spring 2015.

“The Abortionist.” The Emerson Review. 44. Spring 2015.

“The First Mercy.” Chelsea Station Magazine. Spring 2015.

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